Kyle Shanahan “Not Made This Announcement” on 49 Players Starting QB for Week 1

Kyle Shanahan "Not Made This Announcement" on 49 Players Starting QB for Week 1

At the dawn of training camp, San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan indicated he expected Jimmy Garoppolo to enter the season as the primary quarterback, repeating the plan the club has relied on since drafting. Tree Lance Back in April.

after sunday 10-15 win pre-season Via the Los Angeles Chargers, Shanahan was asked if he was willing to make it official and name Jimmy J the initiator.

“No, I’m not making this ad. Still, try well.” Shanahan said with a smirk.

Shanahan noted that he was in no hurry to “name” the quarterback, but promised that he would come before the season opener on September 12 against the Detroit Lions.

“Whenever I feel like it,” he said of the time he was planning to make the announcement, According to Bay Area News Group. “(When?) It’s hard for me to make a date. It depends on what time we know and when we feel like calling it. I promise it will be by Sunday.”

Garoppolo got the start on Sunday and led one of 15 games that ended in Intercepting a high pass From QB that Brandon Aiyuk couldn’t stand it despite jumping efforts. Garoppolo finished 3 of 6 on the drive for 15 yards and an INT, with a 9-yard long touch.

Shanahan was asked after the match if anything had changed since the start of training camp.

“No, I haven’t seen that,” he said. “I wish it was more and more every week, but it’s pretty much the same now.”

Garoppolo, for his part, wasn’t worried about Shanahan simply noting the one-game veteran veteran before the season began.

“Kyle always challenges us,” said Jimmy J. “He knows us and how guys pay in certain ways. I’m not too worried about that. I’m trying out now to get ready for the Raiders. We had a productive week against the shipper, and we got a lot of good work out of it. There are a lot of other things to worry about. ( It’s) I’ll let the chips fall where they might be sort of.”

Lance entered the game early in the second quarter and got a rough start. The rookie completed only one of his first six passes (9 yards) objection and bag in that period. It took Lance in his fourth series to reach any beat and move the attack. Part of the No. 3’s struggles in general has come with a fast ball that his goals struggled to hold on to. Through two preseason games, Lance receivers lost seven assists.

After a faltering start, the rookie took off and looked at every bit of the dynamic playmaker the Niners had traded on. Lance completed 7 of his last eight passes, and finished with 102 total yards, two TDs, and an INT.

Shanahan was glad the rookie rallied from a rough start.

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