Kyiv equipped with a missile attack and a ‘dangerous missile close to a nuclear power plant’

Kyiv equipped with a missile attack and a 'dangerous missile close to a nuclear power plant'

The Russian army confirmed the missile attack on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. The missiles were fired at targets in a suburb of the city. According to the Russians, the T-72 tanks that were stored in the railcar workshop were destroyed. Soviet-era tanks were supplied to Ukraine by Eastern European countries.

Ukraine denies destroying its tanks, but confirms that four missiles hit a railway workshop. According to the head of Ukrainian Railways, no tanks were stored.

This is the first time in weeks that missiles have been fired at the Ukrainian capital. According to Ukraine, the projectiles were launched from the Caspian Sea. The military stated that one of the missiles was destroyed by the air defense system. According to the Russians, the attack was carried out with “high-precision long-range missiles”.

nuclear power station

As far as is known, there were no fatalities in the missile attack. An injured person has been taken to hospital.

State-owned energy company Energotom said a Russian missile likely headed for Kyiv flew “dangerously” near a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine. It is related to the Yuzhnokransk power plant, one of the largest nuclear power plants in the country. According to Energoatom, if the missile hits the station, the consequences will be dire.

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