March 21, 2023

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Kuo: iPhones will have a Periscopic lens telephoto camera in 2023 – Tablets and phones – News

Oh, and then they changed that later. Because in all the reviews I find these types of text:

There are no such problems with the ultra-wide camera – it simply does not have 60fps modes. That said, the frames at 30fps are excellent, provided your subjects are far enough away to focus on. Because, you know – a fixed focus lens, not a close-up fixed.

In addition, it is not mentioned, but 4K60 is good, but of course I also want some form of stabilization. And I think this is missing on the S10 in 4K60 modes. In 4K30 it is.

And of course it’s great that you find the quality of Betamax more than enough : s) not me. And I don’t just use it for the occasional recording of digital memories.

But nothing bothers me more than fun moments that are ruined because they are out of focus or have a “wobbly” because the autofocus is tilted. That’s just an idiot. And yes, a video that first contains a 4K60 image, and then suddenly has 4K30 (or worse, 4K25 in the same timeline) clips can also bother me.

I know it doesn’t matter to you and most people. But for me, that’s why, for now, I’m choosing the iPhone. The statement was: “Who buys a camera smartphone.” OK I will. Specifically for the camera.

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