Kubo opens US office

Kubo opens US office

Monster-based greenhouse builder Gubo has opened a new branch in the US. With this, the company hopes to be closer to the US market.

In the United States, much investment is currently being made in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). As the field is still in its ‘early stage’, knowledge and experience is not much. Dutch companies have been supporting the US for some time. To make it even better, Kubo is now expanding its system to the country. “By being closer to the US market, with sales force and operational support, service and technical advice, we believe US CEA partners can make better decisions about future capital investments in the sector,” it said in a statement. liberation

“The main pillar of Kubo’s proposal for the US CEA sector is a full service development concept. A holistic approach where the use and delivery of technology is only one part. We pay particular attention to how facilities should be operated and under what conditions. Creating a profitable business case, future proofing. “


Kubo USA is headquartered in Reston, Virginia. “Acceptable time difference (6 hour time difference, ed.) and most importantly, strategically located for the Netherlands with connections to the American market on the East Coast and the West Coast.” The office is headed by Thomas van Dusseldorf.

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