Konami releases major update for eFootball 2022 on April 14 – Games – News

You learned a very important lesson. Game developers don’t really care about gamers. They only care about profit.

I used to be a FIFA fanatic, but I’ve gotten progressively worse at the game and the game has often turned into a commercial beast. I got frustrated with… then decided to quit all the games that don’t care about players. Almost everything from Ubisoft, EA, Activision, etc. is immediately dropped.

Horizon Forbidden West was a great breath of fresh air. I’ve been in the game for 80 hours and I’m still discovering new things. On Reddit, they are incredibly engaged with the community and updates are released with fixes at a fast pace. AFAIK There is no form of microtransactions or NFTs and other nonsense in the game itself. Moreover, you already have a lot of options to adapt the game to your desires. Apart from the incredibly beautiful story and great gameplay.

I think the same goes for Elden Ring (not my type of game, but I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about it). This has set a new standard for me from game developers who care about the community around the person behind the console. I will only spend my money on developers who really care about the experience and the community. Fifa, Call of Duty, Battlefield and also something like Assassins Creed doesn’t interest me anymore.

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