Kim Kardashian Thinks Women Should Work, Right? † Join the Conversation

Kim Kardashian Thinks Women Should Work, Right?  † Join the Conversation

In an interview with variety Kim Kardashian says a woman should “get the job done”. This advice is not appreciated. Kim also said she has the best advice for women in the business world: “Get off your ass and go to work. It seems like no one wants to work these days.”

part time

In the Netherlands, seven out of ten women work between 12 and 32 hours, according to NPO Kennis. This number is lower for men. Only 23 percent of men work part-time. The distribution between men and women is slowly changing. Women now work more hours on average, while men work fewer hours and are more likely to take care of children.

the reasons

In street interviews with NPO Kennis, many women indicated that they work part-time for childcare. Other reasons for women to work part-time are more free time, looking after children and grandchildren, and more time for family.

lowest wages

The national government wants to increase the financial independence of women in order to prevent financial risks. For example, if you divorce your partner, you as a woman can manage your income. In this way, women are stronger in society.


Ananik tweeted that the biggest joke of the year is that the day after International Women’s Day, Kim Kardashian asked women to get their butts off the couch and go to work.

According to Sierra, Kim Kardashian is not the right person to tell people to go to work.

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