AMD introduces ‘Next-Gen Gaming Image Upscaling’ at GDC – Computer – News

AMD will hold a presentation of the next generation of Image Upgrade at GDC on March 23. In it, the company discusses its latest research on leveling up and how it can be applied in games. It may be related to the FSR, although that has not been confirmed.

AMD holds the offer During the Game Developers Conference, According to VideoCardz† The show will take place on Wednesday, March 23rd at 6.30pm Dutch time. The presentation will not be broadcast publicly like other GDC sessions. At the event, AMD will present “some results” of its research into “next generation upgrade technologies” and how these technologies can be applied to improve games.

The company will not go into further details. AMD already has an upgrade technology called FidelityFX Super Resolution. FSR is used to render games at a lower resolution, then scale them up to the screen’s original resolution. It should result in better frame rates. The term “next-generation image upgrade” may indicate that the company is coming out with an improved version of FSR, although this has not been confirmed. Also the term Radeon Super Resolutiona type of FSR that works with “nearly all games” and will be released this quarter, is not mentioned.

The company previously confirmed that FSR will change in the future and that users can expect a new release in due course, VideoCardz wrote. It is not known exactly what this means. With competing DLSS technology, for example, Nvidia uses Tensor cores for GeForce RTX GPUs for better image quality, but current AMD GPUs don’t have separate deep learning cores and the next AMD Radeon video cards aren’t expected until the end of this year. Intel, in turn, this year will come up with its own open source upgrade technology, called XeSS.

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