Kim Kardashian responds to Ye: Don’t distort the truth | gossip

Kim Kardashian responds to Ye: Don't distort the truth |  gossip

Yi posted a photo of their eldest daughter North (8)’s backpack, which shows three pins with pictures of Kim and an alien being. “This was on my daughter’s backpack when I “got” to meet her last week. This is why I fight so hard for my family to protect them at all costs. I do this as my home priest. Don’t worry North, God is still alive.”

According to Kim, the truth is very different, she said in her response. “Stop misrepresenting the truth. I was just here to pick up the kids and take them to school.”

Followers of both Kim and Ye think it’s bad for rappers to reveal their private lives over and over again. For example, he mentioned where his children go to school and that he disagrees with the choice of the school in question, as it would not be religious enough. “Kanye, you say you want to protect your family but then you throw your kids’ school online. Do you know how dangerous it is, when everyone knows where they live every day? Don’t do this man,” one fan wrote. Another says, “It’s getting worse by the day. Think about your kids and talk privately about these things. Not only will you ruin Kim and the kids’ lives, but you’ll have nothing left if you continue like this. At some point, Kim applies for an order.” I’m tied up against you and you only see your children under supervision. Stop this.”

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