Kees van der Sek: ‘I still have two new mismatches from Spoorloos’ | Mismatch in Spoorloos

Kees van der Sek: 'I still have two new mismatches from Spoorloos' |  Mismatch in Spoorloos

At least two adopted children was by scam fixer who was connected to without leaving a traceunrelated to their biological mother.

Van der Sek brought that news, in collaboration with Barbara Coe – a cheated adopter who started a research agency. When asked, Van der Sek said there were more than two mismatches. , I have received two mismatches due to without leaving a trace TV producer says.

Van der Sek went to look for fixer Edwin Villa and his “boss” Vicki Diez on Tuesday night’s broadcast. He spoke to Diez, who claimed he knew nothing. After that conversation, Diez and Villa were not reached, their photos disappeared from the Colombian Roots and . company’s website Since then every trace is lost.

KRO-NCRV reported that Villa was involved in a total of sixteen cases. Of these, two were mismatched and two (via DNA testing) were successful. “We will examine the other 12 cases again and, if desired and possible, offer those involved a DNA test.” It is not clear whether the new mismatches introduced by van der Sek belong to these twelve cases being investigated by the broadcaster.

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