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hi arch me,

I hadn’t read the entire statement yet, so I dealt a small blow to the arm.

The simple answer to your question (and this is how I’ll keep it for readability) is:
Yes, Brain can recover that data. through service providers. They have the name and address data belonging to your IP address (provided you don’t have a VPN of course). This relates to the fact that if the only way to obtain information and evidence in civil proceedings is through a third party (additional terms omitted), that third party can be ordered (by a judge) to provide it.

The third party will probably always do this through the courts, because they have their own relationship with the alleged! to download. They will want to confirm this by being able to say: I have no choice, it is not my fault, see the decision of the court.

The judge here rules because no actual proceedings have been initiated. In this case, Brain does not have sufficient reason and the right to load Ziggo with work and fluff.

The brain can easily remedy this by initiating an action. However, Brein doesn’t want that because they’ve been doing it for years Someren in below /> view.

Even starting an action (now a simple open and closed story) already seems like a lot of trouble, so you can wonder how much was actually downloaded and how much was incurred. (Industry accounts have always been silly on this point, assuming everyone will buy whatever they drop. quod non.)

Unnecessarily: Downloading is illegal since the law was changed a while ago, so it’s not allowed!

But make no mistake: Brain is basic and therefore civilized. They can scream okay (it should be banned!) until they get short of breath, but they’re not from the police or prosecutors!

Edit: add
Everything superfluous and a reference to SomerenV . post

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