Katherine Keel: I would choose euthanasia if I had to go to a nursing home

Katherine Keel: I would choose euthanasia if I had to go to a nursing home

I have always been an independent woman. ‘I will stay like this until I die,’ says Catherine. I want to decide my fate for myself. As well as about my death. This is why I became a member of the Last Will Co-op and euthanasia will be carried out when necessary.


Catherine has known for years that she wants to make this decision for herself. I saw him with my father who was in the hospital when his legs were amputated. He didn’t want to live anymore. Life without legs was not a happy life for him. Why don’t they give me an injection? he asked me. I got it. He will become very dependent on others. Then I asked the doctors if he could get an injection. But I got the answer that they know people who also have a happy life without legs. They will not cooperate with my father’s request. Eventually, her father stopped eating and starved to death. For Catherine, that was the moment when she wanted to arrange the matter herself.

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I am a single woman, I have no partner and no children. There are some family members, but I really wouldn’t pack them when I need care. I have a beautiful home that I would like to continue living in. When that is no longer possible, life is no longer necessary for me. I’m going to a nursing home. Others have to take care of me when I’ve always been so independent…and then it’s done. The same is true if I get cancer and the doctor says chemotherapy will give me extra years. However, I say: Enough. My life is over.


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