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Technology site VideoCardz has shared possible specifications for Intel’s upcoming Sapphire Rapids-WS CPUs for workstations. Intel will come with at least nine different Xeon models, with a maximum of 56 cores and TDPs of up to 350W.

According to the documents that Owned by VideoCardz Get official support from Sapphire Rapids for DDR5-4800. The CPUs will be for motherboards that have a maximum of one CPU socket. The documents do not say how many memory channels or PCIe lanes the processors get. However, CPUs are rumored to have eight memory channels and up to 112 PCIe 5.0 lanes.

intel rapids sapphire

Intel will release Sapphire Rapids workstation processors in three different series, with different base numbers, cache amounts and TDPs. Xeon W9 will become the highest centered series. The Xeon W7 is a step lower, and Intel will also come with the Xeon W5 series. Sapphire Rapids CPUs consist of only Golden Cove cores, which are used in Alder Lake as the P cores. Workstation processors will not get more efficient electronic cores.

One of Intel’s flagship models, the Xeon W9-3495X, gets 56 cores, 112 threads, and 105MB of L3 cache. The processor will have a clock speed of 1.9GHz and a TDP of 350W. The Xeon W9-3475X has 36 cores, 72 tgreads and a clock speed of 2.2GHz with a TDP of 300W. The Xeon W7 series will consist of processors from 20 to 28 cores, 52.5MB cache to 75W L3 and TDPs from 270 to 300W. In the W5 series, CPUs with 12 and 16 cores will appear, with TDPs from 200 to 270 Watts and 30 to 45 MB L3 cache. The list also mentions several engineering samples.

It’s not known when Intel will release its Sapphire Rapids processors, but VideoCardz says it won’t be long. The chips were initially scheduled to roll out earlier this year, but have been postponed. The processors are produced according to the Intel 7 process, formerly known as Intel 10nm Enhanced SuperFin. CPUs also consist of up to four tilesIt is not a big slice.

Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS potential lineup (Via VideoCardz)
Healer step Cores/Threads clock speed L3 cache tdp
(engineering sample)
D0 (QYQU) 56 c/112 c ? 105 MB 350 watts
(engineering sample)
D0 (QYQV) 36 c / 72 c ? 67.5 MB 300 watts
(engineering sample)
D0 (QYQW) 12 c / 24 t ? 30 megabytes 200 watts
Xeon W9-3495X E2 (Q19N), E3 (Q19R) 56 c/112 c 1.9 GHz 105 MB 350 watts
Xeon W9-3475X E2 (Q19M), E3 (Q19S) 36 c / 72 c 2.2 GHz 82.5 MB 300 watts
Xeon W7-3465X E2 (Q19L), E3 (Q19T) 28C/56T 2.5 GHz 75 MB 300 watts
Xeon W7-3455 E2 (Q19K), E3 (Q19U) 24 c / 48 t 2.5 GHz 67.5 MB 270 W
Xeon W7-3445 E2 (Q19J), E3 (Q19V) 20 C / 40 T 2.6 GHz 52.5 MB 270 W
Xeon W5-3435X E2 (Q19H), E3 (Q19W) 16 C / 32 T 3.1 GHz 45 MB 270 W
Xeon W5-3433 E2 (Q19F), E3 (Q19Y) 16 C / 32 T 2.0 GHz 45 MB 220 watts
Xeon W5-3425 E2 (Q19G), E3 (Q19X) 12 c / 24 t 3.2 GHz 30 megabytes 270 W
Xeon W5-3423 E2 (Q19E), E3 (Q19Z) 12 c / 24 t 2.1 GHz 30 megabytes 220 watts

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