Kate wears the world’s most precious royal jewel

Kate wears the world's most precious royal jewel

Let’s face it: the value of the crown jewels and heirlooms from the royal family’s vault cannot usually be expressed in euros, pounds, or dollars. But in addition to those impressive pieces, there are also some other “normal” pieces of jewelry, which are scored by how much money has been sold (or gone under the hammer). One of these masterpieces is worn by the Princess of Wales Osh moment Really more expensive.

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We know Kate as an elegant princess who looks perfect with mud boots, a formal blazer, or a majestic outfit. Of course we’d much rather see the Princess of Wales in a designer dress with lots of sparkle (Jenny Packham, anyone?) and a crown on her head, but oh well: It’s not always a party.

Even without a tiara, Kate still exudes royal allure, which she now and then adds glamor with gorgeous jewelry. For example, we saw her at the Earthshot Award with the famous Delhi Durbar Emerald Choker – a diamond and emerald necklace.

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This artwork is according to the magazine style It’s worth around 19 million euros, but that price pales in comparison to another gem that Kate occasionally pulls out of her jewelry vault.

Rare masterpiece

She doesn’t wear much, this Nizam Hyderabadi necklace from Cartier. Anyway, we get that, because with this gorgeous piece of jewelry, Kate has €76 million hanging around her neck.

For example, the princess wore the jewel when visiting the National Portrait Gallery in 2014, and she can be seen at the top of this article with her Cartier necklace in 2019.

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Photo: NL Image

style Reports indicate that the piece of jewelry was made around 1930 by the famous jewelry brand Cartier, and features 38 brilliant-cut diamonds, 13 emerald-cut diamonds, and one drop-shaped diamond. The necklace was originally a gift from the Nizam of Hyderabad to the then Princess Elizabeth for her wedding in 1947. The necklace was given a prominent place in the 1952 portraits of the young Elizabeth, shortly after her accession to the throne:

Special detail: The system would have allowed Elizabeth to choose her own wedding gifts at the time. Then the young future queen chose the necklace…and matching tiara. Unfortunately, this crown has been dismantled over the years.

Various elements of the artwork were incorporated into the Burmese Ruby Tiara, made for Elizabeth by jeweler Garrard in 1976. Only the three roses from the tiara, which Elizabeth had long worn as brooches, survive. Well: if you can choose millions worth of jewelry, you better recycle it. They’re pretty frugal too, those Windsors.

Source: Express.co.uk, The Order of Sartorial Splendor | Photo: NL Image

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