Zodiac D Musical is bankrupt and discontinued immediately | to watch

Zodiac D Musical is bankrupt and discontinued immediately |  to watch

Musical horoscopes Files for bankruptcy. So the performances at the former Koepelgevangenis in Breda stop immediately, and can be read on the music website. A spokesperson for the agency confirmed the news.

The Corona crisis had a “very big impact”. As a result, and despite many efforts, we could no longer operate our beautiful production. The impact on cast, crew, partners and suppliers is enormous,” the letter reads on the site.

At the end of last month, Musical horoscopes Extended until January. People with tickets are still being contacted. “We will provide more information from Tuesday, including ticket reservations.”

The musical, which premiered in July, is about the twelve constellations. The performance is in the air. Due to the rotunda and the height of the dome, visitors are surrounded by the story on all sides. He played the lead roles, Samir Hassan and Rene van Cotten, among others. William Spieg has Musical horoscopes Orientation.

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Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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