Kate is committed to her charitable work despite her cancer RTL Street

Kate zet zich ondanks kanker in voor haar liefdadigheidsinstelling

Princess Kate (42 years old) announced in March of this year that she had cancer. She resigned from her duties immediately. However, the Princess remains committed to her charity The Royal Early Childhood Foundation. It was announced today that she is the driving force behind a new report calling on businesses to operate in a more “family-friendly” way.

“At this time it is very important that she is given the space and privacy to recover.”

A Kensington Palace spokesman insists that despite her support for this new venture, Kate has not returned to work. The Princess follows all developments related to the report from home. She will not resume her other duties until after her doctors give the green light. “At this time, it is very important that she is given the space and privacy to recover,” the royal said.

The fact that Kate chose to stay on with this new venture speaks volumes about how important this topic, the well-being of young children, is to her. The report was published after six months of extensive research. Among other things, we looked at how companies prioritize children ages zero to five.

This includes supporting working parents by making childcare more affordable. In addition, parents should be able to be more flexible regarding working hours, so that they have more time for their children. Kate indicated that she is very grateful to the people who contributed to preparing the report.

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