Dead and dozens injured after severe disturbances on board a Singapore Airlines plane

The interior of a Boeing plane that was exposed to severe turbulence

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A person died on a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore in a plane that encountered severe turbulence. The plane made an emergency landing in the Thai capital, Bangkok. Seven people are in critical condition in hospital, including head injuries.

The director of Bangkok Airport announced that the fatal victim was a 73-year-old British man who had been suffering from heart problems for some time. He most likely had a heart attack as a result of the disorder.

The injured passengers were removed from the plane after the emergency landing:

Infected passengers who were removed from the plane during a turbulent flight

The plane, a Boeing 777-300ER, made an emergency landing in the Thai capital at around 3:45pm local time this afternoon due to turbulence, after which several injured people were taken to hospital. According to the airline, there were 211 passengers and 18 crew members on board.

23 passengers, including crew members, suffered minor injuries. About 100 passengers can travel to Singapore today, according to the director of Bangkok Airport.

Ambulances at Bangkok Airport are ready to receive victims

Singapore Airlines expresses its deepest condolences to the victim’s relatives.

Descending 2000 meters in a few minutes

Flightradar24 shows that the plane descended to an altitude of 2,000 meters within a few minutes near Thailand. 10 minutes later, it began its emergency landing in Bangkok.

One passenger told Reuters that anyone not wearing a seat belt was launched into the ceiling during the commotion. “Some passengers hit their heads on the luggage racks, others on the place where the lights and masks are hung,” said 28-year-old Dzvran Izmir. “They hit the road directly.”

Pictures posted on social media show passengers hurtling toward the ceiling. The massive destruction that occurred afterwards can also be seen.

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