Karen van de Schetges has an affair with her ex-brother Hans | stars

Karen van de Schetges has an affair with her ex-brother Hans |  stars

“It just happened,” she says. RTL Boulevard. Because despite the fact that Karen was having trouble with Hans, whom she broke up with, she still has good contact with his family. A while ago, for example, she went to the fair with her in-laws for a day. Karen then stayed with her sister-in-law and on the same night the spark broke out between her and Johan, who had separated eight months earlier.

Karen knows, “He’s really, really cute.” “And do you know what it is? I am of course still in the middle of a divorce, and it will also take some time, and because of the conversations we had about it, a bond was formed. I have always been on good terms with his brother, and he came to Bonaire regularly, but he was not We have never any intention of starting anything together. It was also very strange to him.”

“just a click”

Karen says Hans is aware of her affair with Johan, though it didn’t quite go according to plan. “Hans knows, in a very strange way, actually. His aunt had just texted him. That was so annoying. (…) I’ve known Johan for nine years and he knows everything about me. He knows how everything works and there was an instant click …also considering the problems we have and we have. He’s gone now… If only it had been so fast for me.”

Karen and Hans became famous in 2016 for their participation in the Nonprofit Program I’m leavingAnd Where they constantly called each other a “fart”. The couple’s popularity grew and their reality show on SBS6 followed. But the move of the former bridge worker and his wife to Bonaire, where they wanted to start a mini golf course, was a series of disasters. Finally, after nine years, the happiness of love between them ended last summer, which led to a divorce quarrel.

By the way, Hans also found a new “fart”: 31-year-old Nina (completely Sorina). The two bumped into each other on a local street. In a special episode of I’m leaving, which aired last week, Hans said he spoke with Nina and then “rained hearts” on WhatsApp. Prominent: Not long ago he said Spread That he was planning to go back to the Netherlands to try to get Karen back on the plane – the day he hit Nina.

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