January 27, 2023

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K2's Ziggy and Celester are looking for K3 to release one sweet song

K2’s Ziggy and Celester are looking for K3 to release one sweet song

19-year-old Julia from Bergen op Zoom recently won the show K2 looking for K3 And he was allowed to take the place of Dutchman Klasjee Major in the girl group K3. Ziggy and Celeste also saw themselves dancing and singing to thousands of children and their parents. For Celester, that dream came very close and she was able to reach the final. Now she is trying to get her solo career going.

On Friday, the adorable video for her new single, Sugar Spider, which she created with Ziggy, was released. The two regularly appear together on TikTok, and now there’s this song – which of course also includes a TikTok dance.

The song has multiple references to K2 looking for K3† For example, Celester sings “I lost, but I’m grateful. I fought, but I stood there” and “I have no more tears, no waterfall”, referring to the K3 song “Waterfall”. In the clip there is also a supporting role for Luca, who was also hoping to replace Klassie.

There are more “coincidences”. For example, the clip “Sugar Spider” was filmed at the Wondr Museum in Amsterdam. The video for ‘Waterval’, K3’s first song with Julia, was recorded in Smile Safari, the Flemish version of Wondr.

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