Juno Smith: I didn’t put my best products against the saints

NFL: SEP 26 Saints at Patriots

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The Patriots dropped 11 in front of the Saints as they exited the first half on Sunday, but it didn’t take long for that deficit to grow.

safety of the saints Malcolm Jenkins He returned a 34-yard interception for the first touchdown of the second half and the Saints didn’t look back on what turned out to be a 28-13 victory. pass from Mac Jones bounce off the narrow end Juno SmithBefore Jenkins wrapped it up, Smith said on Monday that the fault was all on him.

Smith said Jones threw an easy pass and that he should “perform that play which I know I can do and which I shall do when the opportunity presents itself.”

“You know I have to have a certain level of honesty with myself in the mirror, man,” Smith said, via NBCSportsBoston.com’s Justin Leger. “But the great thing about it is that I have another chance. I didn’t Put my best product And I was there yesterday. I know the whole world knows that. But, you know, I know the player I am, I’m confident in the player I am, and I’m looking forward to moving forward.”

Smith signed a four-year, $50 million contract this season, but only had 10 catches for 74 yards during his first three games of the season. Getting more of him in the coming weeks will make life easier for Jones and crime as a whole.

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