Juan Quito is still free, but Freddie Guevara was detained by the Venezuelan regime | International | News

This is happening in a country that is overseeing negotiations with the opposition regime.

On Monday morning, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guide, who has been recognized as interim president by dozens of countries, including the United States and Ecuador, was reportedly besieged at his home by members of Nicolas Maduro’s security forces. Rule.

However, these individuals, who did not identify themselves, but surrounded Guide’s vehicle pointing with long arms, fled the scene after the media and neighbors arrived.

The opposition leader’s office released videos of troops in bulletproof vests and long-armed men pointing at his car and trying to open the doors. “get down!” They shouted, according to the record. Outside the Guide building was a group of officers allegedly wearing the hats of the National Police Intelligence and Strategic Directorate (DIE), the AFP found.

Freddie Guevara, the former vice president of the National Assembly, was also detained while walking down an avenue in Caracas, despite the fact that Quito is free.

“They stopped our vehicle and within minutes of what they did with Freddie Guevara, it was missing this time,” Guide told reporters. “They showed long arms, without any order, without any sign, and put an explosive device into the basement of our building. We still don’t know what kind of explosive it was.”

Guevara left the Chilean embassy three years later in which 125 people were killed between April and April to avoid going to jail on charges of inciting violence in the regime as he tried to leave Maduro. .

When arrested by troops on a highway in Caracas, the leader posted on social media from inside his car.

“Polland, strength, congratulations to my family. I’m so sorry you are going to experience this suffering and I hope it will be brief,” Guevara said in a live broadcast.

May be arrested and he approached the AFP Attorney General about the charges against him, but he replied that he would not make any statements in this regard.

He was arrested a few months after regional elections in the country as the opposition and government sought to sit down to resume talks.

The US and Colombian governments have condemned the incidents.

“We condemn these acts and call on the international community to join us and release all those detained for political reasons,” US Assistant Secretary of State Julie Chung wrote on Twitter.

“The international community must demand an end to these arbitrary actions and the release of all political prisoners. Our solidarity with Venezuela!”, Wrote the Colombian Foreign Ministry.

Guevara was part of an opposition group that met last week with a delegation from the European Union to study the possibility of sending an election monitoring commission to those elections scheduled for November 21.

The president was part of the parliament elected in 2015, led by Quito and recognized as legitimate by the United States.

However, a new Congress with a large Savista majority took office in January after sidelining itself from the opposition legislatures last December.

“They are not going to intimidate us, we are going to continue our activities (…), harassment is not going to stop us, it is not going to stop us,” Guide said.

As the truck exited with the alleged troops, a group of neighbors crashed into the windows, thinking Guide had been detained. (I)

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