Josh Allen Beals says he feels “a slight pain” in his right elbow after the loss; Sean McDermott gives the update

Josh Allen Beals says he feels "a slight pain" in his right elbow after the loss;  Sean McDermott gives the update

The buffalo bills He suffered a sudden loss at the hands of his rival in the group New York Jets Sunday, but perhaps more importantly, their star did not make it out of the game unscathed.

Josh Allen told the media gathered after the match that he was feeling “a slight pain” in his right elbow (cast), According to Pro Football Talk. Allen added that he will “work through it” this week ahead of Buffalo’s Week 10 match against Minnesota Vikings.

The midfielder is reportedly being evaluated for an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) and related nerves, According to ESPN. The team is expected to know more over the next 24 hours, Per Head Coach Shawn McDermott. Allen will undergo further tests to determine the severity of the injury and what the next steps are.

“We’re going through it,” McDermott told reporters on Monday. in the athlete. “We’re evaluating. We’ll see where it goes. Maybe I’ll be able to check in with you on Wednesday.”

Allen is expected to be limited in practice this week, according to

As the Bills were trying to get back in at the last minute at the end of the game, Allen slipped to pass the ball and came under pressure from Jets edge rusher Bryce Huff. While unloading to throw the ball, Hof lowered his arms firmly on the ball and released it. Allen can then be seen shaking his arm and flexing his hand after the play, resulting in a strip bag.

Allen ended up firing a ridiculous laser 70 yards down the field at Gabe Davis twice later, but Davis couldn’t pull it off and Buffalo’s day ended in defeat.

It will be important to watch Allen’s practice status throughout this week. As long as he attends at least some limited sessions, he should be able to wear the suit, but if he can’t participate in any rehearsals, Case Keenum may be showing for the Bills main match next weekend. With the stock bills now to the group in the AFC a bit lower after this loss to the Jets, that would be less than ideal.

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