Joris delights his wife with a “worthless” painting

Het taxeren van de tinnen schotels in de St. Petruskerk (foto: Omroep Brabant).

A biblical scene, vases, plates, bowls and much more were presented during the post-conjecture at St. Petroskirk in Eindhoven. In collaboration with experts from the TV show “Tussen Kunst en Kitsch”, it was possible to evaluate objects by real appraisers. The value of this ranges from a few tens to several thousand euros.

Profile photo of Noel van Hooft

Joris Giesber brought in a painting with a written representation of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary to be evaluated. “I collect sacred images myself. This has become a hobby that has gotten out of hand. I now have a few hundred and during these searches I sometimes come across other pieces.” Including this painting.

“Now I’m sure she will like it.”

Joris’ wife is not very happy with the purchase. “It’s been hanging on the wall in our house for a long time now. My wife actually thinks it’s really ugly, so I said I’d rate it. Maybe you’ll love it then.” Willem de Winter, known from Between Art and Ketch, carefully examines the work and then brings the good news to Joris.

“If I had to value it like that,” he says, “I think it is worth between five and ten thousand euros.” This comes as a surprise to Joris. He jokingly says, “Who wants to buy it?” The owner was hoping for an amount close to 3,800 euros. “I’m thinking of getting him back.” He could now also pass on the good news to his wife. “Now I’m sure she’ll love it,” says Joris, laughing.

“The sentimental value is much higher for me.”

Mother and daughter Wishach have three pewter plates inherited from grandfather. “It was really my father’s hobby,” explains the mother. “I don’t really care about the price,” she says, before appraiser Jan Bekoizen looks at her. “I see the Bossche brand in the back,” he explains. “So they come from Den Bosch.” The large bowl appears to be from the 16th century and the two smaller ones from the 17th century, very old pieces, and then the main question arises: what is their value?

“The big plate is 3,500 euros and the two small plates are 1,250 euros each,” says Pickuisen. A big surprise for the Wishak family. “Yes, it is worth a lot, but the sentimental value to me is much higher.” She certainly won’t sell dishes. “It’s very valuable to me for that.”

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