Joker malware is back and hiding in these apps

Joker malware is back and hiding in these apps

The Joker virus first appeared in 2017, but it is starting to appear. Belgian police warns, among other apps, that Android malware is hidden in many apps.

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Joker malware is back on Android

Also a cyber security company Zscaler Android users warn of the return of the Joker virus. This malware first appeared in 2017 and sneaks into Android phones via text messages. The Joker virus secretly collects banking information and then ransacks victims’ accounts.

Research by Zscaler shows that at least 16 Android apps are infected with malware. Google has since removed these programs from the Play Store, so you can no longer download them. Do you have one of the below apps on your phone? Then remove the program as soon as possible.

  • Private SMS
  • Hummingbird PDF Converter
  • focus blur
  • paper scanner
  • Every PDF scanner is good
  • Precision Scanner
  • part message
  • blue scanner
  • direct messenger
  • one sentence translator
  • Multifunctional translator
  • Mint Leaf message
  • Unique keyboard
  • Fancy, Fonts & Free Emoji
  • Tangram app lock
  • Desire to translate

It’s unclear how many Android malware victims this round will be. It is also unclear who is behind the return of the virus and whether the malware is present in other Android applications.

This is how the Joker virus works

Joker is a form of malware. Victims subscribe to various paid services, without permission, of course. The ultimate goal of the virus is to steal victims. The Joker is part of the so-called “baking” malware.

Criminals use this type of software to make money out of victims’ pockets by enrolling them in different paid subscriptions. Baking malware does this by collecting all kinds of personal data, so that criminals can use your credit card, for example. The subscriptions that are withdrawn are of course the property of the criminals themselves or their accomplices.

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More about Android viruses

The Android operating system is increasingly becoming a victim of malware. In recent months, for example, toddler– employment Flobotviruses. This type of malware is often spread through links in text messages. So it is important not to just click on a link from an unknown sender. You can see more tips to prevent infection with the virus in the video below.

Android malware: This is how you prevent your smartphone from getting infected

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