Jinek broadcast on Sunday all about Peter R. de Vries

Jinek broadcast on Sunday all about Peter R. de Vries

De Vries was shot in the center of Amsterdam on 6 July. He died nine days later. The crime reporter was close to Nabil B. The main witness to the Marengo liquidation. Earlier, B’s lawyer at that time and his brother were also shot dead. Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it is widely believed that the three murders are directly linked to the victims’ connections to the main witness.

in a jink We will be joined by B’s attorneys. Peter Scott and Ono de Jong. Crime reporter John van den Heuvel, who has been under extra protection for some time due to serious threats, joins a talk show for the first time in a long time. Crime reporter Paul Vogts, Representative Atje Koyken and court reporter Saskia Bellman also discuss the question of whether judges, lawyers and journalists can still do their jobs safely. For security reasons, the broadcast was pre-recorded and was not broadcast as usual.

jink It can be seen once on a Sunday at RTL 4. Starting on Monday, the broadcaster will take charge again on weekdays with fellow Humberto Tan. Will take care of Sundays again next week.

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