“John de Mol had a strong motive to say he knew nothing” – Wel.nl

"John de Mol had a strong motive to say he knew nothing" - Wel.nl

John de Mol has continued to insist on broadcasts BOOS that he knew nothing of sexually abusive behavior on The Voice, with the exception of one report to Jeroen Rietbergen. According to lawyers, he may have a good reason for this.

Media lawyer Sander Dekhov In Volkskrant: “I think John de Mol had a strong motive to say that he knew nothing of it. Because if he knew, he would have intentionally accepted the risk that this would continue. This could lead to claims not only from the participants, but also from ITV,” the lawyer said. The end, with the purchase of Talpa Media, and with it the rights the soundAfter all, he bought a pig in a poke.”

It is also useful that he spoke of only one report. “‘Blame’ can also lie in the fact that you as a company have created an atmosphere in which people don’t seem to dare to report after the infringing behaviour,” says the lawyer. “The company can never stop a single person from doing something weird. Crazy people are everywhere. But the frequency seems so high with four accused that you can say they were incorporated into production. Then you can no longer get rid of that claim that Rietbergen is eccentric .or Ali B.”

In the end, Dikhov does not expect ITV or Talpa to allow a lawsuit to be filed. “Suppose there is a claim for a manageable amount, I don’t think there will soon be a lawyer in the courtroom who says: Yes, Marco touched your ass, but the contract says we are not responsible for this. That is soon, behind the scenes, and there will be a confidentiality clause” .

Bronn (nen): de Volkskrant

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