John De Beaver Joins Expedition Robinson: ‘Let Me Go Crazy’

John de Bever doet mee aan Expeditie Robinson.
John de Beaver participates in Expedition Robinson.

Singer John de Bever is a co-star on the TV show Expedition Robinson this season. The singer from Berlicum will compete against 16 to 21 other participants. The big question is whether John can keep laughing during the heavy tasks or whether he will lose his laughter.

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The new 21st season of Expedition Robinson can be watched on RTL4 every Sunday at 8:30 and every Thursday at 8:30 starting August 29. Because of Corona, the static site survival program is not registered in the Philippines, but in Croatia.

“Practice at home”
“Let me go crazy again on my 56th and I’m going,” says John De Beaver on RTL Boulevard of his participation in the popular show. “I was trained at home to open coconuts, but there is absolutely nothing in Croatia. I couldn’t do anything and I couldn’t start a fire yet. Well, you know. So I let the others do it.”

This version of Expedition Robinson isn’t set in the Philippine heat, but in cool European spring weather. “It was terrible. It was very cold. Moreover, there were no sandy beaches, only pebbles. It is heavier than it looks on TV.”

Robinson Crusoe
In the program, participants have to perform tasks under all kinds of harsh and primitive conditions in order to survive. In addition, all kinds of mutual intrigues play a role in the program.

The program’s name comes from the story of a sailor Robinson Crusoe whose ship is wrecked and ends up on a desert island. Crusoe must live on the island to see.

Also Stefano Kaisers and Jan van Halst in Expedition Robinson
In Croatia, John de Beaver will compete against Dayantha Brooks, Jasper Demoulin, Sandra Esperandi, Stefano Kaiser, Jasmine Sundar, Jan van Halst, Eva van de Wijdvin, Animek Kokok, Divano Holwin, Brett Lacher and Robert Rodenburg.

Expedition Robinson bid in the hands of Nicolette Kluijver and Kaj Gorgels.

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