Johann Dirksen Gets a Daily Show on Veronica Radio | Currently

Johann Dirksen Gets a Daily Show on Veronica Radio |  Currently

Johan Dirksen can be heard on Veronica Radio from August 15 through his own radio show music for adults† The program can be heard Monday through Friday from 11 pm to midnight.

Dirksen said on Monday Show news Already he is going to “do something nationally” on the radio. According to him, it will not be a “nostalgia” program.

“Every day it comes out beautiful music that you never hear on the radio. It will be a mixture of blues, Americana, soul, country, gospel and rock. I don’t pretend to be a disc jockey, but just play the recordings without talking through the songs that are totally against my personality, So I ignore myself, because music for adults It’s all about the music.”

Station manager Rob Stenders says he didn’t have to think twice when Dirksen asked if Radio Veronica had space for a program “With The Teskey Brothers, Bob Dylan, The Band, The Stones, Chris Stapleton and Otis Redding.” “It will be a beautiful trip for music lovers.”

Dirksen presented his radio show music for adults On Radio West for many years. This has stopped cooperation with the presenter as a result of his statements on his program Today inside in April.

Dirksen lost his credibility at the end of April when he was told that in the 1970s he had penetrated an unconscious woman with a candle.

Many changes to Talpa Network radio stations

The Talpa Network is currently making several changes to its two stations, Radio Veronica and Radio 538 Frank Dane Presenting the afternoon program on Radio 538 on Monday, August 29, succeeding Quinn Swegenberg and Sander Lantinga. who – which made They recently announced that they have to stop their daily show on the channel.

Lantinga stays with Swijnenberg on Friday Quinn and Sander Show But also gets an afternoon show on Veronica Radio Monday through Thursday.

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