Joey from The Bachelorette gets hate backlash after participating in Long Live Love

Joey from The Bachelorette gets hate backlash after participating in Long Live Love

Joy has mixed feelings about his participation in long lasting love On the one hand, he met Meryl, who never had a romantic flick with him, but has since become friends. On the other hand, the reality star receives many negative messages. According to him, it is up to the creators of the program. “What I think is unfortunate is that there were a lot of pieces in the broadcast. They were put together very strangely and it makes me look annoying.”

Joey explains that he would have liked to file a complaint, but he also saw the episode at the same time as the viewers and was therefore unable to do so. If it was up to him, this would get a tail. ‘It is a pity that half of the Netherlands now thinks that I am conceited, narcissistic and know too much. I am not at all and the most important person in my life and I myself happily know that. That’s all that matters.’

Fortunately, in addition to all the negativity, Joey also got something positive from her. Namely, his friendship with co-merrill. “We match in many areas, just not in love to me. We still keep in touch and continue as friends. Despite this bond, he still wanted to emphasize that he had a ‘little sour taste’ from the show.”

Things quickly fall apart between Joey and “ex” Gabi, after the two return to the Netherlands after shooting The bachelorette. Meanwhile, Gabi has found love with a personal trainer named Danny. However, there were also rumors that she was going to have something with Rico Verhoeven for a while. This is answered on RTL Boulevard.

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