Joep has something to confess to Caroline at MAFS

Joep has something to confess to Caroline at MAFS

Couples from “married at first sight” converge, but not all of them do. The click between Maurice and Argan is missing. He’s slowly coming to Joe and Caroline, but Joep still has something to confess to his new bride…

“I had a great time, but it’s closed”

Experts predicted that in the future, Sonny and Dylan would immediately be attracted to each other. But is this true? They certainly don’t have nerves at least; Sony is not compressed. Above all, he is very much looking forward to meeting his soon-to-be. “All my friends and family are really nervous, but we’re going to do it!” He excitedly says to the camera.

But as soon as he gets to the altar he starts to itch. “Behind that door is the rest of my life – if it turns out to be successful, but we’ll assume it and we’ll work hard together. It’s crazy, all your friends and family are ready, it’s just us.”

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Jobs and Caroline actually said yes, but several guests noted that they weren’t very “likeable” just yet. For example, Joep gave his bride a kiss on the cheek, while, according to the presenter Carlo Boszhard, there are also candidates who immediately make a full kiss on the mouth. “I really liked that he thought: ‘I’m going to kiss his cheek,'” Caroline explains to the camera. “This is also quite secure and also feels like giving space.”

The fact that Jobs has been on a TV show before doesn’t matter to Caroline much. has a season The bachelorette He looks at him, but does not recognize him. “No, that doesn’t really stop me from having such faces, sorry,” she admitted after Jobs told her “the news.” The groom would like to assure that although he does not regret his engagement, The bachelorette It didn’t really suit him. “I’ve also noticed that such a program is not the one I belong to,” he explains. “It sounds so different than this. That’s honest, I mean it too. I feel that way too. It’s been a nice adventure and I had a good time, but it’s totally closed off.”

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For Arjan and Maurice, it’s still a bit uncomfortable the day after the wedding. Although most pairs then float on a pink cloud, it’s different for the two of them. “I panicked yesterday… I don’t know if it was really a panic attack, but it’s all together,” Arjan tells his story on screen. “We talked well, he’s a very nice guy. But I’d say: I just don’t feel any physical attraction. Zero, really zero.”

However, Maurice hasn’t given up hope yet, and the pair together decide to start out as friends first and slowly start looking for that physical flick. “I have good hopes for the coming days,” Morris remains positive. But before the couple left the hotel, Arjan had another panic attack. “I don’t know how to go on, I would have loved to see him differently,” he confesses to his new husband. “I give it to you, and you give it to me, but it went completely wrong. I really panic… because I want to feel or find something that I can’t find (…) I just don’t see us together.”

Viewers don’t seem to sympathize much with Arjan’s feelings. They think Morris can get better.

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Sander and Astrid are still in Mallorca and having a great time. “I can’t say many things I don’t like about him,” Astrid said. They even have so much fun together that Sander has absolutely no eye for the road and hits the car behind them twice while driving away. Take Love Makes Blind Seriously…

Astleigh and Rowan are also honeymooning in Sardinia. “Things are going much smoother than expected, and I’m happy about that,” said Astley, who doesn’t feel the butterflies, but the caterpillars in his stomach. “It’s very strange that after a few days you can actually get such a click with someone,” Rowan agrees. Experts saw it early on.

Married at first sight It can be seen every Tuesday at 8.30pm on RTL 4 or see Videoland.

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