Jobs works in a web store: “When I apply here I will earn less” | salary

Jobs works in a web store: “When I apply here I will earn less” |  salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutchman this every week. Today: Joep, 39, works 32 hours a week as a one-stop web store employee. Answers phone calls and emails and assists in the warehouse when needed.

What do you earn?

Gross 1,815 euros, net 1,715 euros.

Happy with – cheerful who?

“For now, yes. I didn’t work there long. Before that I bought party supplies and got exactly the same amount there.”

What are your secondary employment terms?

“It is a small business, so there is no company. But if I want a vacation or if I want to leave early, the manager is very easy about it.”

Have you negotiated your salary?

,, When I apply here I will get less profit. They offered 1,750 euros. Then I said, “I’m going back in a big way.” I knew they were up. Then they came up with 1,815 euros and that’s exactly the amount I was thinking. In my previous job, I received a bonus of €150 if you had not contacted the disease within the past three months. I don’t have it anymore, but now I come to the same thing.”

Did you always get this bonus?

“I worked there for 5.5 years and in all that time I missed it once.”

Do you know what your colleagues earn?

do you want to know?

,,no I do not think so. What should I do with this knowledge? It can make you feel better or worse, I don’t think it adds anything. Besides, income is something special.”

How do you see your future?

I’ve only been working here for eight months, so I hope to develop a bit more commercially. I have ideas, but it has been a strange year. The manager moved to Hong Kong, a colleague was leaving, and someone was only hired for four days, and we all had corona. That’s why I did everything on my own. Then long plans. And now the holiday has just ended, nothing will come of it. ”

If your plans are successful, what can be compensated financially?

“We can do with a few hundred. But it must also be repaid. In any case, the manager is sympathetic to her. I want to work on my ideas first and then the reward will come.”

Is Joe earning enough?

Age: 39
Number of years of work experience: 6
Number of working hours per week: 32
Education: mbo
Job: Sales Account Manager/Customer Service
Industry: wholesale
Number of employees: 4
Country of residence: NL
Administrative: No
Budget Responsibility: No

The one-stop web store employee position is not yet listed in the payroll manual, but falls under Sales and Customer Service Account Management. according to Salary Guide The average salary for a job in this corner is a total of 1,380 euros per month based on 32 hours worked per week. “So I don’t earn that bad.”

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