Job van den Ende remains in good contact with Tina Turner: ‘Her death is a big blow’ | Tina Turner passed away

Job van den Ende remains in good contact with Tina Turner: 'Her death is a big blow' |  Tina Turner passed away

with videoJupp and Janine van den Ende were “deeply” affected by the death of Tina Turner. “The news of her death is a huge blow,” the couple said in a statement.

There was a warm friendship between Van den Endes, Turner and her second husband, Erwin Bach. It originated when van den Ende created the musical Tina He produced and was in close contact with the singer before that. Her life story is unprecedented. Tina has seen the deepest valleys of existence, but has always managed to find her way thanks to her talent. Through singing and performing, she was able to put aside all the misery and misery.

Van den Ende approached Turner himself with his plans for the musical, which premiered in London’s West End in 2018. “She didn’t want to know it at first. She had retired to Switzerland with her husband and after all the turmoil and all the successes she wanted above all to be She rests. After much persistence, she finally turns around. She thought it was important to show the world that life always offers a second chance. For her, the play was a plea for hope and vitality.

We noticed that it was hard for her, because she had to take it all back: extreme poverty, abuse, racism. But something changed along the way: Tina began to realize that the musical would carry her musical legacy into the future. It was her farewell as an artist and a global star. She was passionate and positive at the same time. She passed on her extraordinary talent and unparalleled perseverance to future generations.”

The musical, which was staged last year at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, has been shown in London, New York, Sydney, Hamburg, Madrid and more. Turner awarded Van den Ende with the Oeuvre Prize in 2016 for his efforts in the world of music. Van den Ende: “Janine and I are in constant contact with her and her husband. We knew she was ill. However, the news of her death is a great blow to us. We will forever treasure the memories of her care and the memories of her.”

Early 2016: Tina Turner presents the oeuvre to Joop van den Ende at the Music Awards. © Pronoprice / Patrick Van Emst

Nyasa Alberta as Tina Turner in the Dutch version of Tina.
Nyasa Alberta as Tina Turner in the Dutch version of Tina. © Pronoprice / Patrick Van Emst

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