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I’ve often looked at phones as an alternative to Google/Apple,
However, playstore/apstore is always a bumpy spot.
You want to switch, but you still want to be able to use all of your apps.

Which is why I’m not a big supporter of initiatives like /e/OS. Android is not only an operating system, but also an ecosystem. And the ecosystem is a problem for us consumers.

Android (but more specifically AOSP, the open source part) is fine by itself, but that’s only part of the experience. Without the Play Store, Android is kind of broken, it is even seen as a downside that Huawei lacks, when in fact this is exactly what causes problems, for example via Play Services.

If you use /e / OS, you are indirectly preserving the Android ecosystem, while it is important to create a distance from this.

That’s why I use sailfish. Unfortunately, I’m counting on the Android support there (for Whatsapp), but I hope it goes away someday.

I stand next to him: we He should from the Android ecosystem. Despite all the efforts, it still focuses on displaying (lots of) ads, collecting data and falls short on a decent update policy. Yes, it falls short. For years, Jolla has managed not to show ads in Sailfish apps, not collect data, and release decent updates. For years, they haven’t built their own either.

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