Jeroen Rietbergen spotted at Linda’s house: ‘Just staying together’

Jeroen Rietbergen spotted at Linda's house: 'Just staying together'

Rumors abound: Are Linda de Mol and Jeroen Rietbergen together or not? According to Linda’s manager, there is no love reunion, but according to Yvonne Coldvier, the story is different. “They’ve been together for a while.”

After it became known that he was one of the heroes of the scandal of The Voice, many ladies of the school applauded about their experiences with Jeroen Rittbergen. It was clear to Linda: she no longer wanted to continue with Jeroen.

Director: Jeroen and Linda are together

“I have severed my relationship, Jeron is no longer living with me,” Linda said in a statement at the time. Jeron ran and left for America. There he underwent intensive treatment in a clinic for several months.

But when Jeron returned, there seemed to be no reconciliation. At least that’s what Linda’s manager says. “Linda de Mol and Jeroen Rietbergen are no longer together,” the director told ANP.

Jeroen pictures appeared

However, images have emerged that tell a different story. Yvonne Coldeweiger shares her Instagram Stories Movie Which indicates that Jeroen is close to Linda’s house.

“We’ve never come close to a dash of evidence,” Caldwyer writes with the photos. “A spy saw the neighborhood Dirty Jeroentje on Linda Street. The dog walked (with his brother probably). Mark my words. They have been back together for a while.”


If Jeroen and Linda are indeed together again, it will undoubtedly lead to a lot of misunderstanding in the Netherlands. And Linda can’t use that right now, because she’s currently giving very low viewership numbers on SBS 6 with her series Deep Grounds. Last week, the series was watched by only 87,000 viewers, and yesterday there were only 32,000 viewers left.

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