Jan Slager and Angela de Jong have a heated discussion in Jinek: ‘Childish’

Jan Slager and Angela de Jong have a heated discussion in Jinek: 'Childish'

This week it becomes clear that Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is in ‘fix talks’ with his old team The world goes on. MAX broadcaster Jan Slagter also reported to RTL Boulevard that he would be submitting proposals to the NPO “in the short term” for programs for which the presenter could return to television. Jan initially wants to make a program with Matthijs as an aspect of it DWDDStory can be illuminated. According to the announcer, he needs it.

Jan will also campaign for the fallen anchor again on Friday night Genk. Angela de Jong, who is also a guest, believes the anchor’s plan is “premature”.

“Let’s not forget that Matthijs van Nieuwkerk himself quit BNNVARA. He could still work there now, and then it would have been easier to interview or start a programme,” she charges. “But the investigation is still ongoing and there are still plenty of editors I encounter behind the scenes on all kinds of talk shows who are about to shake at the mention of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s name.”

According to Jean, his interviewer is “exaggerating”, but Tom van te Allende, America’s Correspondent, agrees one todayShe defends Angela. “That’s right, I also came across it. Why would you give someone under investigation and accused of violent acts, why would you give such a person a stage before the investigation was completed?” he asks out loud, to which Jan replies that he is not a spokesperson for the Matthijs and begins with the remarks made by Angela earlier this week in AD Media podcast.

Watch the excerpt below:

The Van Rijn Commission is currently investigating cross-border behavior within the non-profit organization and in Hilversum. behavior in DWDD It is included in the search. The committee is expected to share its findings and accompanying action plan in the summer.

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