Jaimie angry after rumors about his son Lio

Jaimie is niet blij met geruchten

It is rumored that Lío’s son is not currently living with Jaimie Vaes. According to Jaimie, this is not true and therefore she is angry about the spread of these rumors. “People are crazy to talk about these kinds of topics.”

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Jamie expressed her frustration on Instagram. She is angry that there are rumors about her son. Rumor has it that Lío is currently residing in Scheveningen, where Jaimie’s stepfather takes care of him.

Rumors about Lio with stepfather Jaimie

“Lío resides in Scheveningen at the moment, where Jaimie’s family lives,” Showbiz RealityFbi reported on Instagram yesterday. “This became clear from several conversations with acquaintances about the spouses.”

“People are crazy!”

Showbiz Joyce decided to ask Jamie to respond to the rumours. “Guys. Act normally,” Jimmy replied furiously. Of course, Lio wasn’t taken out of the house. Why the hell would that happen? People are totally crazy to make fun of these kinds of topics.”

Not much later Jaimie shares picture of liu Who is sitting on the couch? But whether Lío is actually sitting on her sofa is not clear from the photo. However, it seems Jaimie wants to do everything in his power to dispel the rumours.

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