Jaguars don’t want to pay Urban Meyer’s contract

Jaguars don't want to pay Urban Meyer's contract

the Jacksonville Jaguars They have no intention of paying another cent to Urban Meyer. Team Meyer has reportedly been fired for a reason, which suggests that do not want to pay The rest of Meyer’s contract, according to Adam Scheffer and ESPN’s Jeff Darlington.

Jaguar launched Mayer on Wednesday after that only 13 matches. Meyer’s period with the franchise was mired Various embarrassing slips, the latest allegations Meyer kicked him.

There was no specific case that led to the team firing Mayer for some reason. The Jaguars reportedly shot Meyer as a result All of these issues, by Darlington and Shifter.

Mayer – or more likely his legal team – could still work out a solution with the Jaguars, according to ESPN.

It is not unusual for the two sides to subsequently negotiate in such situations – which involve rejected guarantees – in order to avoid a prolonged legal situation. It will be up to the lawyers involved in any negotiations between Jags and Meyer to try and see if they can resolve the situation.

Meyer signed Five-year deal With Jaguar in January. His salary has never been revealed, although he is expected to be due several million over the next four years.

A number of NFL players appeared Celebrate the launch of Meyer. Even the Jaguars had a hard time keeping it Their emotions are under control When discussing Meyer’s exit.

Urban Meyer lasted 13 games with the Jaguars. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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