Ja Morant defends his lost rest during Game Two of the Warriors-Grizzlies

Ja Morant defends his lost rest during Game Two of the Warriors-Grizzlies

Ja Morant doubles down on her controversial stance as the Memphis Grizzlies defeat the Warriors in Game 2 of Western Conference semi-finals.

distance NBA’s last two minutes report indicated That the Grizzlies star should have been called in to dribble the ball Tuesday night at FedExForum, Morant took to social media on Thursday and noted that flinching is a common occurrence in the league.

Morant’s post came in response to a tweet that said he dribble like any other player in the NBA, with the 2022 Player of the Year winner noting that “everyone does it.”

Morant hit the ball with only 30.7 seconds left, and Memphis lead 101-100. Had the play been called correctly, it could have changed the outcome of the game’s pivotal final moments.

Another two-minute report stated that during the play, Morant (MEM) “puts his hand completely under the ball and pauses it while driving to the basket.”

It worked for him, allowing Morant to create space and dropping a short shot on Andrew Wiggins to give Memphis a three-point lead.

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After the missed call on Morant, Klay Thompson is called to travel on the Warriors’ next estate – the final nail in the coffin. Golden State loss 106-101.

Had the referees caught the pennant offense, it would have been a Warriors ball with 30 seconds remaining in a one-point match.

But hey, everyone does it.

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