It’s the time ABBA fans have been waiting for for 40 years: a new album

It's the time ABBA fans have been waiting for for 40 years: a new album

ABBA fans from around the world are counting down the hours of the day. At exactly midnight, the Swedish pop band released their first album in 40 years: a trip. The album appeared online in the Netherlands at midnight.

It was the turn of the Australian fans earlier today. The ten-song comeback album was released at different times – depending on the time zone.

The new music isn’t a complete surprise. Since the new album was announced in early September, three songs have already been released, but not much has been known about all. Leading music magazine rolling rock Came with a review earlier today. He said “worth the wait” A leaf. Four balls.

ABBA’s penultimate album was released in late 1981. After that, the band members had a solo career, but they no longer work together as a quartet. Until 2018, came the announcement of the emergence of new music.

Hologram parties

The plan was initially to record only two songs, writer and frontman Benny Anderson revealed earlier. “Then I asked the women, why don’t we make an entire album? And they said yes.”

Anderson and partner Bjorn Olvius – ABBA’s first B – have been regularly appearing in publicity in recent weeks to talk about the new album. But the band not only has a new record on sale: Next year they will begin a series of hologram concerts in London, in a specially built arena.

The band members themselves will not be on stage. Fans can see “ABBA tars” instead; Lifelike 3D renderings of ABBA, based on what the band members looked like. For weeks, the movements of the four were meticulously recorded in the studio.

But first the new album. For Dutch fans a trip If you ordered in advance, it remains to be seen whether it will be delivered on time. Since the announcement at the beginning of September, tens of thousands of Dutch have already ordered the album, so vinyl presses and CD producers are working overtime.

Anyway, the pop band is looking forward to it:

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