Italy allows German aid ship with 800 migrants to dock in Sicily

Italy allows German aid ship with 800 migrants to dock in Sicily

After days at sea, a German ship with 800 migrants on board was granted permission to dock in Italy. The Italian company Sea-Eye has announced that the Italian authorities are allowing the ship of the relief agency Sea-Eye to enter the port of Trapani in northwestern Sicily. on Twitter.

The migrants were rescued by Sea-Eye during several moves last week. 400 migrants were found aboard a wooden boat on Thursday. The boat was flooded.

Malta did not respond to a call from Sea-Eye to dock. Then a route was set for the Italian island of Lampedusa, but no permission to enter the port there was obtained. Sea-Eye 4 has sailed to Sicily. In the end, the authorities allowed it to dock there. The ship is expected to arrive in Trapani later today.

According to Sea-Eye, there are 200 minors and five pregnant women on board. Doctors on board treated 25 people for things like seasickness and hypothermia. Another German aid organization, Mission Lifeline, provided Sea-Eye 4 with food and blankets for those on board Saturday at sea.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 migrants have attempted to cross the Mediterranean to Europe this year. Sea-Eye calls on EU member states to address Malta for its failure to respond to the emergency calls.

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