Intel lists games that are still not compatible with Alder Lake due to DRM – PC – News

I spent over an hour trying to see if I could solve it myself, if it was my system or something. Play for an hour. And tadá, I played over two hours.

I had the same thing with No Man’s Sky. You need more than two hours to get out of that first solar system, to find out that you (at the time) have already seen the whole game.

Then with Doom so many performance issues, it ran like nonsense. I had to adjust a little and things didn’t get any better. Well I can wait for the update, I was convinced Id Software would solve that in the long run, and I trust them with that. Due to past experiences, 1.5 hours after playing but refunded. I didn’t want to take any more risks.

Valve and the developers are laughing at you honestly, getting your money back.. it’s not that easy digitally.

It worked, I became more reluctant to buy games :) And yes, I started hacking more. I try the game for a few hours before I buy it.

No, that kite was long gone. Yes just don’t buy any other games, you will learn that. I’m more interested in that than those companies. A lot of people seem interested in buying it anyway.

Yes, more hackers are a good excuse to implement stricter DRM. But unfortunately for that mentality, it has often proven to be complete nonsense. We consumers may be taken advantage of, but woe if you do just a little bit in return. fi :(

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