It is the most produced car in America

It is the most produced car in America

Which is the most produced car in the world? It depends on how you ask the question. Is the demand for a product line with the same name or a specific model? Then you will get different answers. Because where is Ford with the F-Series?

The 40 millionth example of the Ford F-Series was built last week. A huge milestone for automakers, but also for the American auto industry. Never have so many cars been produced under a single nameplate In America was constructed. With those 40,000,000 units, it was the most successful car in America. But Ford didn’t do it in one production, as it built 15 million copies of identical T-Fords. It took several generations. The first dates back to 1947.

40 million Ford F-series

At a lonely height

With 40,000,000 units, the Ford F-Series is the second largest worldwide. Only the Toyota Corolla stands above the American pickup. More than 50 million Japanese mid-range cars have been produced over the past 55 years. The Japanese stand out. Only the Toyota Corolla car will start with production number 50. Ford F-Series Only one block starting at 40. It will be a while before the Volkswagen Golf reaches 40,000,000 units.

Looking at the production volume of models produced in almost the same format, the Volkswagen Beetle tops the list with over 21,000,000 units. In second place is the Model D. The Peugeot 206 completes the top 3 with its production volume of over 9 million units.

10 percent are F-series

Of all the models mentioned, Ford’s F-Series The only pickup. It sold better than any other car in the US. The model helps because light trucks have different (safety and emissions) requirements than passenger cars like the Toyota Camry or Chevrolet Camaro. The F-Series is currently only available with combustion engines, but a fully electric version is in the pipeline. Ford will soon officially launch the model. Incidentally, 40,000,000e The Ford F-Series won’t disappear into a museum. Ford says the car belongs on the road. The manufacturer produced its 400 millionth car last December. In other words, 10 percent of the total production is the F-series.

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