“Everyone is underestimating the Ethereum merger.”

Voormalig Goldman analist: “Iedereen onderschat de Ethereum Merge”

Former CEO of US investment bank Goldman Sachs and self-proclaimed “Great Expert”, Raul Pal, appears fully committed to the future ahead. Ethereum (ETH) to merge. He believes that this merger will have a significant impact on the price of ether and that many people still underestimate this effect.

Raoul Pal and Ethereum

During the day Interview A few days ago, Pal explained his short- and long-term price predictions for Ether. Inclusion is pivotal to Pall’s predictions. According to him, the merger could push the price of ether higher, but not many people are aware of that yet.

“I think everyone is still underweight with the merge. People will be involved during the merge or after the merge, and we’ll see a rise and maybe a dip. A lot of people will say, ‘You see, it’s going to rock bottom.’ My guess is it’s correcting the sides, doing something, It’s back in range for a while and then we explode higher.”

He states that many investors will probably not return to the Ethereum boat until the merger has already begun. However, after merging, a file Ethereum price Slack again and then shoot again. According to Pal, you should be in good shape now. All in all, the total teacher is an extremist rising on ethereum.

“So I am very optimistic right now. We are close to being overbought in the short term, but I think we just had a correction, and I think we will go again.”

Ethereum integration

It is without a doubt one of the most anticipated updates in the history of the crypto industry. next month The time has finally come. He. She mainnet From Ethereum and the so-called beacon chain during the merger. The main effect of this is to switch to a file proof of stake (PoS) Compatibility Model.

He. She Ethereum mining It will since become a thing of the past with a significant reduction in power consumption. In addition, the issuance of new Ether tokens is fixed, making a deflation of Ethereum likely. These things combined create a lot of excitement about merging.

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