Is your phone getting an Android update? Check out the overview – week 1

Is your phone getting an Android update?  Check out the overview - week 1

One of the regular sections of Android Planet It is an overview of the weekly update. In each round you will find a clear list of smartphones and tablets that have received an Android update or security patch. Of course you’ll also find this overview every week in 2022 on our website.

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Android Security Update Week 1 – 2022 Overview

Android Planet He writes daily about smartphones receiving updates. This usually concerns devices that receive a version update, for example when the phone is from Android 11 disgusting Android 12 Going.

Want to know exactly when it’s your turn? Then take a look at Android 11 update overview, if it Android 12 update overview. In these articles, we keep track of exactly which smartphones are receiving a version update.

But don’t rule out security updates. These don’t add any new features, but they are very important. A new security update prevents issues such as adware, malware, and other viruses from occurring. Manufacturers roll out these types of updates throughout the year, after which we round up them in this weekly overview.

google browser

Of course, the latest hardware security patch is being rolled out from the search giant. Remarkably, the two latest smartphones: Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, have not yet received an update. Google has too Made with different bugs.


Samsung is also early and is already rolling out the January update to many of its devices. In addition to this, we also see quite a few smartphones that can now download Android 12.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – Android 12 Skin and One UI 4.0
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Why is my phone not listed?

It is very likely that your smartphone is not on the list. Manufacturers release Android security updates throughout the year, so they may be included in the next release.

Even if your smartphone is in view, you may have to be patient. Rolling out the update to all copies of the model sometimes takes a few days.

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Finally, we make this overview with our readers. Your tips help us a lot! Has your smartphone received an update, but isn’t it on the list? Leave a comment so we can add it.

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