March 31, 2023

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Is this the right addition?

Is this the right addition?

After the release of Call of Duty Vanguard, we had to wait and see. But now it’s finally time. Warzone has received an update, a brand new map. The new map is called Caldera and relates to a tropical island. So far from the gray of Verdansk, now it’s the sun’s turn. Vanguard appeared in October and sold very well. Is this update too late? Or is it just the right time? We’ll be having a good chat with Call of Duty veterans JJ and Skate. Is Caldera the perfect innovation to keep Warzone alive and ahead when it comes to the Battle Royale genre? You will see and hear everything for the next fifteen minutes.

Tropical Caldera Island Review

Call of Duty Vanguard is set in World War II. Did you really notice that in Warzone? Or is it really one and the same and does it bring a little innovation? We know there are new weapons to be found on the island. You can actually go wild with all the weapons forefront. But is this fat? After all, they are much older and shoot differently than you’re used to from Warzone. And what about previous weapons from Warzone? Are they still there? Or will they come back later? How does this game turn out? Is the island different from Verdansk. Are there other types of fights taking place? Has the engine been updated or does Raven Software still use the Modern Warfare engine? So a lot of questions.

Is Warzone future proof thanks to the new update?

Finally, of course, is the question. Will the new map give Warzone enough ammo to top the table for another year? Will Skate return to the game thanks to Caldera? You will hear and see it all in this Call of Duty review war zone Caldara Update.

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