Is there still a future for new (alternative) music in 3FM? | show

Is there still a future for new (alternative) music in 3FM?  |  show

After a previously leaked program graphic explained it 3for12 It was on the verge of disappearing, there were already a lot of rumblings on social media. The bombshell only really exploded when VPRO confirmed on their website that it probably won’t be possible to listen to the music show every day in 2023. However, the brand will continue to exist. The board has now approved, and is already signing VPRO Object to. The NPO indicates that it is still in talks.

In any case, the plans are causing a lot of consternation among music fans and artists. They are worried about this development, because 3for12 It was the basis of many jobs. Think Kensington, S10, De Staat, and Merol. They find their way to the general public through radio programme. Fear is that with the disappearance 3for12 From day-to-day programming, for example, continuing as an online platform, this road is closed.

Previously, this site spoke extensively with channel director Menno de Boer new trend Where he wants to go with 3FM. The influx of artists there was also discussed. 3FM has traditionally had an important function in bringing in new artists and bands. We definitely want to keep doing that. I even think we’ll do it a little better, because throughput will work better. A rookie band like Kuzko now, starts late into the night and is slowly but surely establishing itself. Then more songs are released and this seeps into today’s programming. It is very important that this happens in a beautiful, organic way. Also for such a band, but also for the music scene.”

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