Is Rachel caught up in her lies?

Is Rachel caught up in her lies?

Roxanne’s heartbreaking revelation at the Best Singers party Transfer Holland. Rachel Hazes’ environment now screams that Roxeanne has pulled everything off her thumb, but that doesn’t seem to fall on deaf ears. We believe Roxanne and that’s why..!

Roxanne told the best singers that when she was a little girl she had to sit on the sofa with a couple looking after her. They were naked runners, and Roxanne, understandably, felt very uncomfortable. Mother Hazes is not at all happy with this revelation. To save her reputation, Rachel quickly activated a group of people to defend her. “Roxanne has pulled the story out of her mind,” family friends exclaim loudly.

But how reliable is this evil clique?

Service in return

Family friend Jupp Kreuz, who has visited the Hazes family for years, seemed quite reliable at first. However, he, too, would have defended Rachel mainly out of self-interest. Jupp had a good family relationship, especially with Rachel. In fact, their bond was so close, that Rachel gave him a car two years ago. Perhaps Jupp thought this was a small comeback.

Then there is of course the statement made by Rachel’s son Andre. “I am grateful for what she (Rachel) was able to achieve from our messy childhoods and the achievement she achieved in making me who I am today,” Dre wrote on Instagram.

It makes sense that a son would want to protect his mother. But what Andrei says seems really unreasonable. If anyone has experienced their childhood, it is Andrei. In addition, this “grateful son” is considered a great hypocrisy. Dre, too, has been quarreling with his mother for years.


Rachel is quick to accuse people of lying. She also says that about her ex-boyfriend BFF Marieke van Beek with whom she is currently having conflict. It was Mariki who says she saved Rachel on that dramatic night when she wanted to commit an act of desperation. Marieki: “Rachel makes it look like no one has found her. (…) If I had come half an hour later, she would have been dead.”

Does Rachel want to rewrite the past again?

What Roxanne says makes a lot of sense to me. After the death of Andre Hazes, Rachel fell into a severe depression. So it is very likely that during that difficult period she had less time and attention to her children. That Rachel now regretted that it made sense, but to call your daughter a liar…


And let’s face it, Rachel definitely doesn’t deserve the Mother of the Year award. She regularly looks out for the media (especially if it makes her feel better) and even takes her daughter to court.

Which is more believable: Roxanne or Rachel?

I know!

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