In the end stop asylum in the Netherlands? “He should have been here already, we’re full!” | Subject

In the end stop asylum in the Netherlands?  "He should have been here already, we're full!"  |  Subject

According to the reader Tom The consequences of overpopulation in the Netherlands are now painfully visible. “We have an overcrowded asylum center, a very narrow housing market, where people of status also have priority over the ‘ordinary Dutch person’, but also cultural differences that are sometimes not accepted by both sides.” Another reader agrees. “Student, junior and senior homes, there is a shortage of everything. How can we provide a home for all these asylum seekers every year? There is simply nowhere else left, we are already full!”

Leendertsuur . beer He believes that there should not be a cessation of asylum at the end, but immediately. “In addition, applications from people from safe countries should not even be considered.” according to Dbutter It’s currently a scandalous operation at Ter Apel, in reference to the sheer number of refugees in the order center who fought each other last week. “The government is just pretending their noses are bleeding and refusing to take action.”

But is it really easy to achieve an asylum station? Requests Rizvi 447 wonders. Do they not return to the Netherlands in large numbers? Pessimist thought so. “Who is going to stop them? Will Europe allow refugee organizations to do so? We have put ourselves in this situation and no longer have control over it.”


9 . tons He thinks there may be no need to ban asylum, but that there should be stricter controls on whether permit holders contribute to the economy. According to another reader, many of these people have been receiving benefits for a long time and also get their entire families from their country of origin. This needs to be closely monitored. We definitely have to help the refugees, but they have to do something in return.”

Another reader also asserts that the Netherlands is full in his eyes, but that we still have a shortage of staff in almost every sector. “If asylum seekers fill these vacancies, I have no problem with that.”

paranormal investigator thought otherwise. The Netherlands receives relatively few asylum seekers compared to other countries. But the Netherlands also has the largest housing shortage in comparison to other countries! This alone should be a reason for a ban on asylum. You cannot push your people aside just to comply with the refugee treaties.” Also 62- Abdul Majeed You think only promising refugees deserve a place. “Stop hunting half the world.”

‘It should have been there already’

According to the reader pygmonich The asylum ban should have been there years ago. “A lot of ‘asylum seekers’ come from countries where absolutely nothing happens, but they hide all the procedures for years. It’s also not easy to turn it off. So you have to stop them from setting foot here in the first place.”

Another reader also believes that the moratorium on asylum should have been in effect years ago, and also believes that “a reception in the region should have been arranged and funded by the European Union years ago”.

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