Iran’s Supreme Court upholds the appeal of a protester sentenced to death

Iran's Supreme Court upholds the appeal of a protester sentenced to death

In addition to the protests against the regime in Tehran, there are also expressions of support such as on Saturday in the city of Hamedan in central Iran.AFP photo

Iran has so far executed two people for their participation in demonstrations that erupted in late September following the death of 22-year-old Mohsa Amini. She died in a cell after the deputy police arrested her for not wearing a headscarf properly. The executions that were carried out sparked a wave of global outrage.

According to Amnesty International, 26 protesters are currently at risk of being sentenced to death. The human rights organization says that the Iranian regime is trying to intimidate the population in this way, hoping that the protests will subside.

The protests continue

The local human rights organization Hengaw, which mainly monitors Kurdish areas, stated that, on Saturday, Iranians took to the streets in Javanrud, in the western province of Kermanshah. It could lead to confrontations with law enforcement. Iranian state media did not mention these protests.

According to another human rights organization, HRANA, 508 protesters have been killed since the start of the protests, including 69 minors. 66 police officers were said to have been killed in the clashes with residents, although Tehran estimates that nearly 300 police officers were killed.

The Iranian regime is said to have arrested nearly 20,000 people. One of them was 25-year-old Sahand Noor Mohammadzadeh on October 4. He was sentenced to death two months later for “waging war against God” for allegedly attempting to demolish a barricade and set fire to a rubbish bin in Tehran. Noor Mohammadzadeh denied the allegations and said he was forced to confess. The Supreme Court is now referring his case back to a lower court for re-evaluation.

Last week, the Supreme Court also accepted the appeal of convicted rapper Saman Sidi Yassine and postponed the death sentence against Mahan Sadr. However, the judges upheld the death sentence against Mohamed Qbadlo.

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