First benchmark results appear for RTX 4090 and RTX 4060 laptop versions PC News

The laptop with the 4090 is registered under the name “X370SNx,” and it may be announced next week at CES 2023 (5 January – 8 January).

If you are already looking for laptops with an 3070TI Then the prices range greatly between 1799 – 4000 euros.

I can’t imagine that this laptop will be on the market for less than 3000-4000€.

On the next page you can see a comparison with other benchmarks:

The following is just from my experience:
I personally don’t have great experiences with laptops compared to desktops, I noticed on earlier laptops they started to choke at a certain point and the video cards could barely be cooled anymore, not even after cleaning and the laptop cooling pad underneath. There was also a great uproar from the fans.

This is now about 5 years ago, with mid to high range laptops back then, but I can’t imagine these laptops neither getting hot under load nor making noise depending on the fans (+curve).

My brother recently bought a laptop for about €2000 with a 3070TI and this thing makes more noise under load than my desktop computer. In terms of temperatures, I don’t have a picture of this laptop, but given the noise it makes, it’s so loud that the fans seem to be constantly running at 100% while playing heavier games.

A laptop is good for work and/or on the road, but I think it’s a waste of money to buy a high-end laptop, especially at current prices, as you often buy components at a higher price compared to a desktop variant that often has lower performance. Plus, a flaw in my experience happened earlier.

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