“iOS 18 will be a groundbreaking update”

“iOS 18 will be a groundbreaking update”

Apple wants to make iOS 18 “the most ambitious update in years,” Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman wrote in his Power On newsletter.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that Apple had temporarily halted development of new features for iOS 18 to focus on bug fixes. This does not mean that iOS 18 will be a simple update with only minor improvements. Apple is said to have big ambitions for the software update for 2024. Internally, Apple described the iOS 18 update as “ambitious and compelling.” The major new features come, along with the usual performance and security improvements.

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter Mark Gorman reports From Bloomberg, Apple described iOS 18 internally as “ambitious and interesting.” The goal is for iOS 18 to come with major new features and designs, along with significant performance and security improvements. Gorman points out that iOS 18 follows a few years of modest updates. According to him, the last major update was iOS 14 in 2020, which added support for widgets on the home screen. In 2024, that will all change and we can expect a groundbreaking update – if we believe Mark Gurman.

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Many Siri features in iOS 18

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is developing several new features for Siri and artificial intelligence for iOS 18. The reporter also reported that Apple has paused development of iOS 18 features for a week to work on bug fixes. However, according to Gorman, this has no impact on the final release. At worst, he said, it means Apple has “a little less time at the end of the development cycle to fix last-minute bugs.”

In seven months, we will see the first features of iOS 18 during WWDC 2024. So Apple still has some time to work on these features. The official release will follow within nine months.


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